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1 Reproductive and Developmental Toxicology Gupta, Ramesh C.Gupta, Ramesh C. Science Direct (Elsevier)
2 Gorilla Pathology and Health Cooper, John Science Direct (Elsevier)
3 Agricultural Systems Snapp, Sieglinde Science Direct (Elsevier)
4 Sustainable Management of Arthropod Pests of Tomato Wakil, WaqasWakil, Waqas Science Direct (Elsevier)
5 The Teeth of Non-Mammalian Vertebrates Berkovitz, Barry Science Direct (Elsevier)
6 Food Microstructure and Its Relationship with Quality and Stability Devahastin, Sakamon Science Direct (Elsevier)
7 The Vitamins Combs, Jr., Gerald Science Direct (Elsevier)
8 Biology of Oysters Bayne, Brian Science Direct (Elsevier)
9 The Craft and Science of Coffee Folmer, BRITTAFolmer, BRITTA Science Direct (Elsevier)
10 Bioenergy Systems for the Future Basile, AngeloBasile, Angelo Science Direct (Elsevier)
11 Vegetarian and Plant Based Diets in Health and Disease Prevention Mariotti, FrancoisMariotti, Francois Science Direct (Elsevier)
12 Proteomics in Food Science Colgrave, Michelle Colgrave, Michelle Science Direct (Elsevier)
13 Foodborne Diseases Dodd, Christine Science Direct (Elsevier)
14 The Norovirus Chan, Paul K SChan, Paul K S Science Direct (Elsevier)
15 Insect Pests of Millets Kalaisekar, A. Science Direct (Elsevier)
16 Native Arbuscular Mycorrhiza for Sustainable Agriculture Goss, Michael Science Direct (Elsevier)
17 Water Purification Grumezescu, Alexandru Science Direct (Elsevier)
18 NanoBioSensors Grumezescu, Alexandru Science Direct (Elsevier)
19 Ecology and Evolution of Cancer Ujvari, BeataUjvari, Beata Science Direct (Elsevier)
20 Encyclopedia of Marine Mammals Wursig, BerndWursig, Bernd Science Direct (Elsevier)
21 Evolution of Knowledge Science Ahamed, Syed Science Direct (Elsevier)
22 Biotic Stress Resistance in Millets Das, I.Das, I. Science Direct (Elsevier)
23 Fish Diseases Galina, Jeney Science Direct (Elsevier)
24 Lawrie's Meat Science Toldrá, Fidel Science Direct (Elsevier)
25 The Bifidobacteria and Related Organisms Biavati, Bruno Science Direct (Elsevier)
26 Myxomycetes Rojas, Carlos Science Direct (Elsevier)
27 Yogurt in Health and Disease Prevention Shah, Nagendra Science Direct (Elsevier)
28 Physiology of the Cladocera Smirnov, Nikolai Science Direct (Elsevier)
29 Animals and Human Society Scanes, Colin Science Direct (Elsevier)
30 Nutraceutical and Functional Food Components Galanakis, Charis Science Direct (Elsevier)
31 The Competitiveness of Tropical Agriculture Norton, Roger Science Direct (Elsevier)
32 Olive Mill Waste Galanakis, Charis Science Direct (Elsevier)
33 Soil Health and Intensification of Agroecosytems Al-Kaisi, Mahdi Science Direct (Elsevier)
34 Arthropod Vector: Controller of Disease Transmission (Volume 1) Wikel, Stephen Science Direct (Elsevier)
35 Mixed-Species Groups of Animals Goodale, Eben Science Direct (Elsevier)
36 Multifunctional Agriculture Leakey, Roger Science Direct (Elsevier)
37 Arthropod Vector: Controller of Disease Transmission (Volume 2) Wikel, Stephen Science Direct (Elsevier)
38 Conservation for the Anthropocene Ocean Levin, Phillip Levin, Phillip Science Direct (Elsevier)
39 Nutrition and Functional Foods for Healthy Aging Watson, Ronald Science Direct (Elsevier)
40 Immunity and Inflammation in Health and Disease Chatterjee, ShampaChatterjee, Shampa Science Direct (Elsevier)
41 Validating Preventive Food Safety and Quality Controls Ryan, John M. Science Direct (Elsevier)
42 Conceptual Breakthroughs in Ethology and Animal Behavior Breed, Michael Science Direct (Elsevier)
43 Increasing Intelligence Jaušovec, Norbert Science Direct (Elsevier)
44 Bioactive Polysaccharides Cui, Steve Science Direct (Elsevier)
45 Unconventional Oilseeds and Oil Sources Mariod Alnadif, Abdalbasit Science Direct (Elsevier)
46 Wafer and Waffle Processing and Manufacturing Tiefenbacher, Karl Science Direct (Elsevier)
47 Forest Management and Planning Bettinger, Pete Science Direct (Elsevier)
48 Fatty Acids Ahmad, MoghisAhmad, Moghis Science Direct (Elsevier)
49 Staphylococcus Aureus Fetsch, AlexandraFetsch, Alexandra Science Direct (Elsevier)
50 The Coconut Nayar, N Madhavan Science Direct (Elsevier)
51 Ethnozoology Rômulo, AlvesRômulo, Alves Science Direct (Elsevier)
52 Innovative Technologies for Food Preservation Sant'Ana, Anderson Science Direct (Elsevier)
53 Why Penguins Communicate Dobson, F.Stephen Science Direct (Elsevier)
54 Plant Macro-Nutrient Use Efficiency Anwar Hossain, Mohammad Science Direct (Elsevier)
55 Plant Hormones Li, Jiayang Science Direct (Elsevier)
56 Soil Management and Climate Change Munoz, Maria  Science Direct (Elsevier)
57 Practical Guide to Vegetable Oil Processing Gupta, Monoj Science Direct (Elsevier)
58 Food Processing Technology Fellows, P J Science Direct (Elsevier)
59 Immunosensing for Detection of Protein Biomarkers Ju, Huangxian Science Direct (Elsevier)
60 Boorman's Pathology of the Rat Suttie, Andrew Science Direct (Elsevier)
61 Genetics and Evolution of Infectious Diseases Tibayrenc, MichelTibayrenc, Michel Science Direct (Elsevier)
62 Genomic and Precision Medicine Ginsburg, GeoffreyGinsburg, Geoffrey Science Direct (Elsevier)
63 Translating Epigenetics to the Clinic Laurence, Jeffrey Science Direct (Elsevier)
64 American Trypanosomiasis Chagas Disease Telleria, JennyTelleria, Jenny Science Direct (Elsevier)
65 Handbook of Epigenetics Tollefsbol, TrygveTollefsbol, Trygve Science Direct (Elsevier)
66 Viroids and Plant Viral Satellites Hadidi, Ahmed Science Direct (Elsevier)
67 Translational Bioinformatics and Systems Biology Methods for Personalized Medicine Yan, Qing Science Direct (Elsevier)
68 Cell Polarity in Development and Disease Houston, Douglas Science Direct (Elsevier)
69 Biology and Engineering of Stem Cell Niches Vishwakarma, Ajaykumar Science Direct (Elsevier)
70 Modeling of Microscale Transport in Biological Processes Becker, Sid Science Direct (Elsevier)
71 Viruses Payne, Susan Science Direct (Elsevier)
72 Nuclear Architecture and Dynamics Lavelle, Christophe Science Direct (Elsevier)
73 Medical Biochemistry Blanco, Antonio Science Direct (Elsevier)
74 Cytokine Effector Functions in Tissues Foti, Maria Science Direct (Elsevier)
75 Alcohol, Drugs, Genes and the Clinical Laboratory Dasgupta, Amitava Science Direct (Elsevier)
76 Nitric Oxide Ignarro, Louis Science Direct (Elsevier)
77 Gnotobiology Schoeb, TrentonSchoeb, Trenton Science Direct (Elsevier)
78 RNA Methodologies Farrell, Jr., Robert E. Science Direct (Elsevier)
79 Bioprinting Mitchell, Maika Science Direct (Elsevier)
80 An Introduction to Ethical, Safety and Intellectual Property Rights Issues in Biotechnology Nambisan, Padma Science Direct (Elsevier)
81 Animal Models for the Study of Human Disease Conn, P. Michael Science Direct (Elsevier)
82 Epigenetic Mechanisms in Cancer Saldanha, Sabita Saldanha, Sabita Science Direct (Elsevier)
83 Rare and Interesting Cases in Pulmonary Medicine Harman, Elios  Science Direct (Elsevier)
84 Polycomb Group Proteins Pirrotta, Vincenzo Science Direct (Elsevier)
85 HIV/AIDS Preedy, VictorPreedy, Victor Science Direct (Elsevier)
86 Cancer and Noncoding RNAs Chakrabarti, JayprokasChakrabarti, Jayprokas Science Direct (Elsevier)
87 Global Health Informatics Marin, HeimarMarin, Heimar Science Direct (Elsevier)
88 Lung Epithelial Biology in the Pathogenesis of Pulmonary Disease Sidhaye, Venkataramana Science Direct (Elsevier)
89 It's in Your DNA Rosenberg, Eugene Science Direct (Elsevier)
90 ReSearch Evans, Teresa Science Direct (Elsevier)
91 New Health Systems Callens, Stéphane Science Direct (Elsevier)
92 Stress and Epigenetics in Suicide Rozanov, Vsevolod  Science Direct (Elsevier)
93 Molecular Pathology Coleman, WilliamColeman, William Science Direct (Elsevier)
94 Comparative Anatomy and Histology Treuting, PiperTreuting, Piper Science Direct (Elsevier)
95 Arrhythmia Essentials Olshansky, Brian Science Direct (Elsevier)
96 Translational Advances in Gynecologic Cancers Birrer, Michael Science Direct (Elsevier)
97 Transfusion Medicine, Apheresis, and Hemostasis Pham, Huy Science Direct (Elsevier)
98 Liver Pathophysiology Muriel, Pablo Science Direct (Elsevier)
99 Chronic Kidney Disease in Disadvantaged Populations Garcia-Garcia, Guillermo Garcia-Garcia, Guillermo Science Direct (Elsevier)
100 Research in the Biomedical Sciences Freedman, Leonard Science Direct (Elsevier)
101 Microbiology and Molecular Diagnosis in Pathology Wanger, Audrey Science Direct (Elsevier)
102 Atlas of the Human Body Vidic, Branislav Science Direct (Elsevier)
103 Metagenomics Izard, Jacques Science Direct (Elsevier)
104 Coronary Artery Disease Tousoulis, Dimitris Science Direct (Elsevier)
105 Process Safety Calculations Benintendi, Renato Science Direct (Elsevier)
106 Reliability Maintainability and Risk Smith, David Science Direct (Elsevier)
107 Research Methods in Human Computer Interaction Lazar, Jonathan Science Direct (Elsevier)
108 Renewable Energy Forecasting Kariniotakis, Georges Science Direct (Elsevier)
109 Optimization in Renewable Energy Systems Erdinc, Ozan Science Direct (Elsevier)
110 Modeling, Solving and Application for Topology Optimization of Continuum Structures: ICM Method Based on Step Function Muthu, Subramanian Science Direct (Elsevier)
111 Advances in Carpet Manufacture  Goswami, K KGoswami, K K  Science Direct (Elsevier)
112 Automation in Garment Manufacturing  Nayak, RajkishoreNayak, Rajkishore  Science Direct (Elsevier)
113 Project Management, Planning and Control  Lester, Albert Science Direct (Elsevier)
114 Optimization of Manufacturing Systems Using the Internet of Things  Zhang, Yingfeng  Science Direct (Elsevier)
115 Plant Design and Operations  Sutton, Ian  Science Direct (Elsevier)
116 Advanced Machining Processes of Metallic Materials  Grzesik, Wit Science Direct (Elsevier)
117 Computational Methods and Production Engineering  Paulo Davim, JPaulo Davim, J  Science Direct (Elsevier)
118 Sustainable Fibres and Textiles Okamoto, Kelvin Science Direct (Elsevier)
119 Microfabrication and Precision Engineering Paulo Davim, JPaulo Davim, J Science Direct (Elsevier)
120 Solid and Hazardous Waste Management Shah, Anil Science Direct (Elsevier)
121 Reliability of High-Power Mechatronic Systems 1 El Hami, Abdelkhalak Science Direct (Elsevier)
122 Soil Mechanics Unknown, Author Science Direct (Elsevier)
123 Petroleum Waste Treatment and Pollution Control Jafarinejad, Shahryar Science Direct (Elsevier)
124 Biomechanics of Tendons and Ligaments Buschmann, Johanna Science Direct (Elsevier)
125 Numerical Methods and Advanced Simulation in Biomechanics and Biological Processes Cerrolaza, Miguel Science Direct (Elsevier)
126 Modelling, Dynamics and Control of Electrified Vehicles Du, Haiping Science Direct (Elsevier)
127 Environmental Management Krishna, I.V Murali Science Direct (Elsevier)
128 Forensic Science Reform Koen, Wendy Science Direct (Elsevier)
129 Digital Forensics Trial Graphics Sammons, John Science Direct (Elsevier)
130 The Psychology of Gender and Health Sanchez-Lopez, M. PilarSanchez-Lopez, M. Pilar Science Direct (Elsevier)
131 Autophagy: Cancer, Other Pathologies, Inflammation, Immunity, Infection, and Aging Hayat, M. Science Direct (Elsevier)
132 The Innate Immune System Monie, Tomi Science Direct (Elsevier)
133 Stress: Neuroendocrinology and Neurobiology Fink, GeorgeFink, George Science Direct (Elsevier)
134 Neuroepidemiology in Tropical Health Preux, Pierre-Marie Preux, Pierre-Marie Science Direct (Elsevier)
135 Neuroscience Basics Larimore, Jennifer L. Science Direct (Elsevier)
136 Fundamentals of Toxicologic Pathology Haschek, WandaHaschek, Wanda Science Direct (Elsevier)
137 Advances in Molecular Toxicology Fishbein, James C. Science Direct (Elsevier)
138 Principles and Practice of Clinical Research Gallin, JohnGallin, John Science Direct (Elsevier)
139 Hematology Hoffman, Ronald Science Direct (Elsevier)
140 Securing the Internet of Things Li, Shancang  Science Direct (Elsevier)
141 Nelson Pediatric Symptom-Based Diagnosis Kliegman, Robert Science Direct (Elsevier)
142 Clinical Gynecologic Oncology DiSaia, Philip Science Direct (Elsevier)
143 Principles and Practice of Pediatric Infectious Diseases Long, Sarah Science Direct (Elsevier)
144 Handbook of Liver Disease Friedman, Lawrence Science Direct (Elsevier)
145 Dominance and Aggression in Humans and Other Animals Hermann, Henry Science Direct (Elsevier)
146 Digital Participation Dezuanni, Michael Science Direct (Elsevier)
147 Media and Information Literacy Leaning, Marcus Science Direct (Elsevier)
148 The Role of Information Professionals in the Knowledge Economy Tarango, Javier  Science Direct (Elsevier)
149 The Political Economy of Business Ethics in East Asia Oh, Ingyu Science Direct (Elsevier)


Taylor & Francis Group :

No. Judul eBook Pengarang Penerbit
1 Ethics and Responsibility in Finance Dembinski, Paul H.   Taylor & Francis
2 Economic Development for Everyone Miller, Mark M.   Taylor & Francis
3 Organizational Change in Practice Garden, Annamaria   Taylor & Francis
4 The Philosophy of Management Research Tsang, Eric W.K.   Taylor & Francis
5 Women in Management Belasen, Alan T.   Taylor & Francis
6 Creativity for Innovation Management Goller, Ina    Bessant, John   Taylor & Francis
7 Strategic Leadership in the Public Sector Joyce, Paul   Taylor & Francis
8 Persuasive Communication Young, Richard   Taylor & Francis
9 Managing Diversity in Organizations Triana, María   Taylor & Francis
10 Statistics for Business, 2nd Edition Waller, Derek L.   Taylor & Francis
11 Entrepreneurial Marketing Nijssen, Edwin J.   Taylor & Francis
12 Creativity and Strategic Innovation Management Goodman, Malcolm; Dingli, Sandra M.   Taylor & Francis
13 Personality, Design and Marketing    Taylor & Francis
14 Smart Leadership – Wise Leadership Steed, Christopher   Taylor & Francis


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No Judul eBook Pengarang Penerbit
1 Wiley Interpretation and Application of IFRS Standards PKF Internation Wiley
2 Introduction to Islamic Economics: Theory and Application Askari Wiley